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Note to Self Hosts Internet Privacy Challenge

Are you concerned about your privacy online? If so, you are not alone! According to Pew Research around 74% of Americans say their online privacy is “very important”. They want to maintain control over who sees their personal information. In the digital age, information is power. You have more power over your privacy if you have the right information. National Public Radio and WNYC Studios is launching a new podcast

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Why Social Media Killed Edgar Allan Poe

Like, comment, follow, subscribe, un-follow, hashtag, YOLO. Today’s youth has been deprived of even the slightest thought of wanting to read a book if there’s no movie to follow it. It’s times like this where I begin to feel a very large hole in my stomach as well as my heart to think that I may have been the only one in my Literature class who even had the slightest

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