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Beauty is More Than Skin Deep: An Interview with Jaiden Santos

Today, we are venturing into a different world: the beauty pageant universe. In this series of lifestyle posts, we are going to interview a beauty pageant contestant to learn more about their experience and lessons learned. For our first post, we are focusing on the 2018 Miss Marianas Beauty Pageant. This particular pageant is held annually for residents of the CNMI…learn more about these beautiful islands here. And, thankfully, Miss Jaiden

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Food on the Road: An Interview With TVFoodMaps

Ever find yourself watching one of the many food shows on television? You know the ones, where the host travels around the country and gets to enjoy a multitude of amazing tastiness. Recently Techandburgers had the opportunity to speak with one of the founders of TVFoodMaps. Through their hard work and dedication, the rest of us now have the road to TV highlighted restaurants and food stops oh so easy. Check out what they had to say: The

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Thync Will Change The Way You Think About Managing Stress

When it comes to tech wearables, it would seem the market is saturated; fitness trackers, watches, GPS devices to keep track of things – it’s unending. All these wearables have one thing in common: they’re nice to have, but not necessary or especially helpful. Along came Thync. It’s a new kind of wearable that works to change your mood, making it possibly one of the most helpful wearables around. Using

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