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YouTube has New and Improved Rules for “Kid-Friendly” Content

YouTube is an incredibly confusing place, even when you don’t explore the content dubbed “kid-friendly”. This is obviously due to the fact that anyone can post almost anything, and the result is a serious mish-mash of amazing content and ‘What the hell did I just watch?’ content. It’s usually a toss-up if you’re not familiar with an account. Whatever you’re about to watch could go either way, but that’s the

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Facing Social Media for Kids with Kudos

The topic of social media for kids is not just something to dance around until it becomes too much of a problem. In our day and age, kids are becoming exposed to the internet and social media platforms much sooner than we ever were, and it’s a whole new monster to deal with. Between internet bullying statistics, too much screen time and the perfect solution for a noisy kid, our

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Halloween Snacks Made Perfect for Your Little Monsters

  Halloween snacks can get really morbid if that’s what you’re into, but when you’re trying to feed a group of kids some very realistic looking eyeballs, chances are you’ll lose a few fans. There’s a fine line between getting your kids into the Halloween spirit, and totally scaring the crap out of them. (The latter can be quite funny, but that’s not what we’re here for today.) Today we’re

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Increases in Food Allergies Make for a Sad Day

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…we love technology, and we love food. And when we heard that food allergies in children have been on the rise, well, that made us very sad. Food is amazing! And with so many amazing things to be tried and enjoyed, it’s not a good news day when you learn that kids all over the place are struggling not only to enjoy

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How to Find Local Coding and STEM Youth Programs

Summer is the perfect time for adults and kids to sharpen their technology related skills. Most likely, you know that “STEM” is hot! Parents, business leaders, and educators want to improve education in science, technology, engineering, and math. Local STEM youth programs are a perfect way to give your children a head start while they have fun! Now is the time when many families plan summer activities. We previously mentioned

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