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BecDot is a Simple, Inexpensive Toy for Vision-Impaired Kids

Like most technology that is invented, the BecDot is a toy that was created out of the necessity for something. When two parents realized that their daughter needed a unique learning tool that was easier to manage and far more affordable than the existing options, the BecDot was born. Beth and Jake Lacourse are the proud parents of Rebecca, who suffers from Usher syndrome, which can cause blindness and deafness.

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How to Find Local Coding and STEM Youth Programs

Summer is the perfect time for adults and kids to sharpen their technology related skills. Most likely, you know that “STEM” is hot! Parents, business leaders, and educators want to improve education in science, technology, engineering, and math. Local STEM youth programs are a perfect way to give your children a head start while they have fun! Now is the time when many families plan summer activities. We previously mentioned

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