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Fresh Fig and Honey Cheesecake

IT. IS. FIG. SEASON. Stop the presses and get thyself to the store for the best summer has to offer. I snatched some up at my local grocer doing my best Gollum impression, clutching the box to my chest while muttering “my precious” as I skittered around the isles getting the rest of my shopping done. I’m not as strange as I make myself sound, honest. I’m normal. Mostly. Well,

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Greens and Grains Salad

It hit 85 degrees in my neck of the woods Monday. In March. On the first day of spring. All I wanted to do was sprawl out beneath a window in a sunspot, or better yet: go to the park and lay in the remnants of the winter grass. Basically I wanted to cat my day away. YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN. Because it was summerlike outside my brain started

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