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Facebook’s Evolution of the “Like”

It’s always such a nice compliment when someone who likes your status or photo also comments “I wish there was a love button!” Haha, oh mom, you’re too kind. And while that was always as far as it went, it looks like Mr. Zuckerberg and his minions at Facebook were reading in on all of those lovely comments.  It seems they have been working on a new, more diabolical plan

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Top 5 Quick, Creative Lunches for Kids

  Lunchtime is kind of a big deal for kids. First of all, it means the school day is half over. But it also means that they get to find out what tasty things you put together for them today, and who wants to disappoint their hard-working, tiny scholar? They’re not expecting a feast, but adding some new tastes and changing up the menu is an important part of making

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What’s Wrong With Nick? The Lifestyles of Living With Somebody With Autism

Life isn’t easy and life isn’t fair, it’s what you do with it that makes it worth living.   When I was younger, my brother was just my brother. I didn’t see him as disabled, on the spectrum nor autistic. He was just my older brother, who loved having sword fights with spoons, re-watching and replaying every scene of Jumanji imaginable until he grew tired of it, and wore his

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