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Facebook “Thankful” Emoji for Mother’s Day

It’s undeniable that Facebook always seems to be at least one step ahead when it comes to holidays and fun events. You’ll often notice that there are new holiday frames, cool stickers and even reminders of the way you spent the same holiday a year ago (whether this is a friendly reminder for you or a painful one often depends on the holiday). Mother’s Day Features This Mother’s Day is

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Tech-Inspired Mother’s Day Gifts

Ladies and gentlemen, I’m here to give you fair warning about the upcoming celebration we so often leave until the last minute: Mother’s Day. That one day when those of us who are lucky to have our mother’s in our lives get to shower her with love and share with her all of the reasons she means so much to us (although we should be doing this all the time).

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Mother’s Day Gifts For The Techie Mom

Okay, guys, it’s that time of the year again; Mother’s Day! Besides getting stuff for your mom, you also get something special for your wife, right? If you have young ones, they’re not going to be heading out to Neiman Marcus or the Apple store to pick her up a little something for a Mother’s Day gift, but you can. Here in the Silicon Valley, we’re lucky to have some

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