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Kitchen Must-Haves: Everything You Need for a New Kitchen

Moving into a new home, means moving into a new kitchen. And we all know that setting up, organizing and making a kitchen your own can be exciting (Who am I kidding? It’s very exciting). Truth be told I’m making my way into a new apartment come April 1st, (not an April fool’s joke) and I have no idea what I need starting out. If you’re in the same situation

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Leaving So Soon? How to Throw a Going Away Party!

There’s one thing that everyone in the Silicon Valley can agree on, and it’s that the Bay Area is a place of fast turnover. Okay, maybe two – the second being that bacon is delicious. But back to the first, I’ve never lived anywhere else where people change jobs, change apartments, and change significant others so quickly! With this much shuffling, you may have found yourself throwing a good-bye party

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