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‘Stranger Things’ on Netflix Is About to Surprise Us All

As if it isn’t enough that the second season of ‘Stranger Things’ is set to hit Netflix on the 27th, but now we’re hearing about some after-season goodies we have got to discuss. Stranger Things made huge waves in the streaming platform last year, and the buildup to this new season has been anything but quiet. Last year’s season was a huge success, and even though Netflix is very good

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Netflix Increasing Prices for the Best Options

It always costs more to get the best of the best, and we’re now seeing Netflix increasing prices to reiterate that statement. Not that it’s an absurd movement by the entertainment giant; I can’t say I’ve ever been upset to see my $11.99 bill each month to enjoy limitless shows and movies at the click of a “Yes, I’m still watching” button. And yet, it’s important that Netflix lovers everywhere

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