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Savory Meets Sweet: Chicago Mix Cookies

This … look, I’m a bit competitive about baking (but with myself, not others) and someone told me popcorn in cookies wouldn’t work. So, I said: wanna bet? Which is how I’ve found myself working on perfecting Chicago Mix Cookies this weekend. Which isn’t as easy as it sounds because there is a DELICATE balance between salt and sweet happening here. The idea of putting cheese in a cookie (yes, you

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New Features of the iPhone X You Need to Consider

If you’ve got your eye on the new iPhone X model, then you likely know some of the things you can expect from the new design. With a name like iPhone X, it’s fairly clear off the bat that this version would be slightly different than previous ones, but we can never really be sure what Apple has had up its sleeves. Luckily there have been some reports about the

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How to Get Up Close and Personal with the TraceMe App

Seattle Seahawks superstar Russell Wilson might be known for his serious skills on the football field, but the gifted athlete is focused on more than just raising the Vince Lombardi Trophy again. For Wilson, what pushes him to be better each season is the support he feels from the fans, and now he’s planning on giving them a front row seat for the whole season. The TraceMe app is here,

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Hippies Everywhere Rejoice at the Improved Volkswagen Bus

The reinvention of the Vokswagen bus has been in talks for years, and now it looks like the chatter is finally showing some actual hard evidence. In the not so far past, the lovers of the 70’s were enjoying the comfortable transportation of a far-out set of wheels known as the Volkswagen Campervan. Even now one of my neighbors still puts their Volkswagen bus on display in their driveway, with a

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Improved Carpool Karaoke Has Everything We Want and More

Late Late Show host James Corden came up with a brilliant idea for one of his show’s segments. It would be known as “Carpool Karaoke”, and it featured James driving around the city with a celebrity passenger. The skits were a way to get up-close and personal with celebrities about their own lives, while also adding in some serious beats and hilarious karaoke performances. The segment did seriously well. I

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