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The End of the iPod Era That Has Many Confused

It seems like just yesterday when I was adding photos to my iPod. Even now they’re still on my photos album- pictures from high school, summer camp and old memories. I still have it to this day, although it does seem to collect more dust than do anything else- technology has just come too far at this point. And it all makes sense. When we think about it, we’ve been

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Facebook Chatbots are Joining the Conversation

We’ve all got a little experience with Facebook, along with its handy Facebook messenger app to communicate with friends. Likely you know that you can create groups, add a chat to an event or throw in a unicorn emoji just to shake things up. It’s all pretty basic, but the brains at Facebook have been working on some upgrades that will make the interface even more helpful and interactive. One

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Social Media News Roundup: Pinterest Releases Image Search App

Social media and content channels add new services weekly. Pinterest and Medium both announced new features. Third party app Trigger Give offers users a new way to support their favorite non-profits. Our social media news round-up highlights these three developments. Pinterest Image Search App Comes To Chrome Pinterest rolls out a new image search Chrome browser extension. Now you can perform an image search for pictures you find on the

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Social Media News February 2017

Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter all made some recent changes. For February 2017 we offer another installation in our Social Media News. Instagram expanded your storytelling capabilities, Facebook is giving LinkedIn a run for their money, and Twitter strengthens their efforts to curb bullying. Instagram Social Media News They say a picture is worth a thousand words. But sometimes one picture is not enough. Instagram now lets you share up to

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10 Election Information Resources

Some voters feel frustrated with the tone of the 2016 election. Others feel confused over who to elect. Despite the noise, there are resources citizens may use to help prepare for the election. Whether you want to fact check claims made during the debate or research the candidates’ stands on issues that matter to you Tech and Burgers does not endorse any claims made on any of these sites. This

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