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Holy Guacamole: Food is the True Way to Find Love

Guacamole has never been sexier, and if you’re trying to find love, then this zesty, garlicky dish might be able to help you get there. Did we lose you already? Let’s back up a bit. We are all acutely aware of the topic that is dating apps. Oh yes, whether you’ve signed up for one yourself, heard the horror stories from a friend or read about that one couple who

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YouTube has New and Improved Rules for “Kid-Friendly” Content

YouTube is an incredibly confusing place, even when you don’t explore the content dubbed “kid-friendly”. This is obviously due to the fact that anyone can post almost anything, and the result is a serious mish-mash of amazing content and ‘What the hell did I just watch?’ content. It’s usually a toss-up if you’re not familiar with an account. Whatever you’re about to watch could go either way, but that’s the

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How to Make Your Busy Life Manageable with AmazonFresh

For many of us, hearing the word Amazon makes us think of an e-commerce website where you can buy practically anything. Amazon has over 300 million users, surpassing that of Ebay and sitting just behind Apple. You can buy almost anything from Amazon, often at discount prices, all the way from china dolls and bell bottoms to stoves and dogs. So it really comes as no surprise that Amazon often

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Speak To Go With Google Brings VR Mainstream

Google aims to bring virtual reality to the mainstream. Speak To Go with Google is a new browser based 360-degree VR image platform. Visitors use voice search to find an attraction then view it with a VR headset. Since Speak To Go is browser-based, the user doesn’t need to download any special apps.  Although Speak To Go with Google is intended for use with VR headsets, you can enjoy it on your

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Note to Self Hosts Internet Privacy Challenge

Are you concerned about your privacy online? If so, you are not alone! According to Pew Research around 74% of Americans say their online privacy is “very important”. They want to maintain control over who sees their personal information. In the digital age, information is power. You have more power over your privacy if you have the right information. National Public Radio and WNYC Studios is launching a new podcast

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