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The Best Requests at Starbucks You Can Make

Once in a while, when you’re waiting for your coffee, you hear some ridiculous requests at Starbucks. Like, it’s seriously something you just can’t believe is a real thing, and those brave souls at the cash register put on a smile and say, “Sure thing! I’d love to do 6 cartwheels and heat your drink by the warmth of the sun! Coming right up!” Okay, it’s not that ridiculous. But

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Netflix Increasing Prices for the Best Options

It always costs more to get the best of the best, and we’re now seeing Netflix increasing prices to reiterate that statement. Not that it’s an absurd movement by the entertainment giant; I can’t say I’ve ever been upset to see my $11.99 bill each month to enjoy limitless shows and movies at the click of a “Yes, I’m still watching” button. And yet, it’s important that Netflix lovers everywhere

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How to Make a Healthy Breakfast for Fast, Fun, Flavorable Fuel

Are you looking for a healthy breakfast that is fast and flavorable? Do you want to be excited about your morning meal, instead of chasing it down with coffee or skipping it all together? Breakfast is an extremely important part of starting your day right, and being excited about this meal can really help to ensure your body gets the energy and nutrients it needs to power you through your

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4 Tips to Actually Get Yourself to Eat Your Healthy Foods

General confession: If there is a salad in my fridge and a microwave dinner…I am all over that mac and cheese like nobody’s business. And I know a lot of people feel the same way! Even though I know it isn’t true, sometimes I feel like putting a salad together will be a lot of work, or that it’s going to taste like crap. Just crap. So, as I slowly

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3 Childhood Favorites Re-Tooled for Commuting Adults in the Bay Area

I’m not sure if it’s Google’s fault or the entire tech industry in the Bay Area, but I’ve noticed a lot of adults doing the best they can to not ‘adult.’ They have the working stuff down, easy, but when it comes to breaking out of the 9-5 humdrum, these adults are pros at channeling their inner child when it comes to making their commute fun. While many of the

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