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Speak To Go With Google Brings VR Mainstream

Google aims to bring virtual reality to the mainstream. Speak To Go with Google is a new browser based 360-degree VR image platform. Visitors use voice search to find an attraction then view it with a VR headset. Since Speak To Go is browser-based, the user doesn’t need to download any special apps.  Although Speak To Go with Google is intended for use with VR headsets, you can enjoy it on your

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Decoding Food Labels with Apps

Do you ever feel confused or frustrated by food labels in the grocery store? According to a recent study, 67% of consumers find it challenging to determine whether a product meets their needs based on the food labels. Most diet-conscious consumers consult apps or websites for information tailored to their needs. Sometimes food labels do not include the information helpful to people with certain dietary needs or preferences. Those consumers may need

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What to Do When You Drop Your Phone in Water

 Okay, so we all love our phones. This is a given. What would we do without them?! Do you remember when we used to have to memorize phone numbers? Write our plans on a wall calendar? Take pictures with an actual camera?! The madness! So now that we’ve become pretty dependent on these things, it’s no surprise that we go absolutely bonkers when we misplace or break our phones. Or,

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The iPhone7 Rumors We Can’t Ignore

Let’s be honest. A new iPhone is almost always guaranteed to offer new camera features that totally surpass the quality of its predecessor. Extra storage is kind of an obvious one as well. So what other kinds of features can Apple come up with that we haven’t seen before? If you’ve been following along with the evolution of the iPhone, you might have some of your own suggestions and expectations.

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Latest Diner Dash Installment Offers the Ramsay Treatment

If you thought you were good in the kitchen, now you can get some feedback from a real chef mogul- Gordon Ramsay! Terrified yet? Don’t worry, you can skip all of the real-life insults and outbursts that we commonly see on Gordon’s hit television shows. Now you can cook for him in the app store! That’s right, the world-renowned chef and entrepreneur has teamed up with Glu to debut a

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