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Easily Create Your Dream Garden with the New GardenSpace

If you spent your holidays dreaming of a white Christmas immaculately-kept garden, then you’re in luck with GardenSpace! I myself have always imagined owning an impressive display of flowers, foods and herbs, ones which I could easily pluck from my windowsill like a legit Disney princess. Unfortunately, it is not at all as easy as pro gardeners make it look, and it can often take years to maintain a garden

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5 Tech Toys for Every Gardener

  I could claim I’m a savvy gardener and a green thumb enthusiast, but my mom would call me out on that one real quick. And it’s true- anytime I’ve been asked to house sit the owner always comes home to droopy, sad, very-dry plants. I don’t know what it is, but even in weather like this I can’t seem to remember to take care of anyone’s plants- let alone

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