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Striving for the Best: Talking Public Service with Rep. Edmund Villagomez

Techandburgers: Thank you so much, Rep. Edmund Villagomez, for taking the time to chat with us today as part of our series on Midterms: 2018. Tell us a bit more about yourself. What made you decide to pursue a career in public service? And, what are some of your greatest achievements during your time in office?  Rep. Edmund Villagomez:  I have a couple of achievements, all of which were made

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Quick Pics Get Into Politics

If you don’t have this app, you’ve at least heard of it. It is America’s fastest growing smartphone app and its premises is either devotedly loved or passionately hated by the smartphone population. There is no in between. Snapchat was launched in 2011, and has grown considerably from its 127 users in the first month. As of August 2014 there were 100 million monthly active users involved with the app,

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