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It’s May, which means it is ALMOST summertime (I see you taunting me, freshly filled pool) and summertime means: POPSICLES. And because popsicles aren’t just for the kiddos, I present to you FROSÉPOPS. Yes, friends, you read that correctly: boozey popsicles because sometimes the sickly sweet popsicles found in the freezer aisle just won’t cut it. Added bonus to homemade pops: no startling blue tongues. Rosé starts showing up in

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Butterscotch Ice Pops

I’m hanging on to the ends of summer by the skin of my teeth. Not that I enjoy the hot humid weather that summer brings – but I enjoy the reasons it gives me to eat ice cream, popsicles, and snow cones. These things rarely make the transition into fall. One just doesn’t want a frozen treat when there’s a cool snap in the air. Until now. In my opinion,

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