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Perfect Summer Peach Galette

Here’s the thing about peach pie: it’s a pain in the ass to make, what with the peeling and the slicing and it’s a lot of peaches and your hands get all gooey and stuff. Here’s the thing about peach galettes: they are simple to make, only use two to three peaches and are just as delicious as pies. And the bestest part? GALETTES ARE MEANT TO BE RUSTIC AND

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How to Create One Recipe that will Make Your Soul Happy

Are you terrible in the kitchen? Are you lost even when it comes to the simplest things like measuring, blending and cutting? Let me tell you, I used to question myself even when someone asked me to cut a pepper. How big? Length-ways? Do I leave the seeds in? ALL THE ANXEITY OF IMPRESSING MY MOTHER. And it is even scarier when it’s all on you. If you’ve got a

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Best DIY Halloween Costumes for Tech Lovers

If you’re anything like me, you spend quite a bit of time planning the ultimate Halloween costume in your head. It looks amazing and you’re getting allll the compliments. Yet somehow, when the big day rolls around you find yourself scrambling for some sort of attainable, affordable costume. Because even though buying costumes for the cast of The Wizard of Oz seemed dope at the time…a girl has still got

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Caramel Apple Mug Cake

Fall weather FINALLY made an appearance last week. So, what did I do? Immediately went into full-scale jonesing for an apple pie. There’s something about crisp air (with a hint of wood smoke at night because: FIRE PITS) that sends my brain into a tailspin over apples. It’s not like I don’t eat apples all year round (almost everyday), but there’s something special about apples in fall … I stumbled

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Jars Aren’t Just For Canning – Mason Jar Meals are Healthy, Delicious, and Easy To Make!

The Silicon Valley is great, right? First of all, it’s California, so the weather is beautiful year round; the tech is cutting edge and start-ups are plentiful; and, you’re totally encouraged to work as long into the night as you need to get that last project shipped! Seriously, we’re all busy here, and we love it, but it would just be nice to be able to have a fresh meal

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