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Greens and Grains Salad

It hit 85 degrees in my neck of the woods Monday. In March. On the first day of spring. All I wanted to do was sprawl out beneath a window in a sunspot, or better yet: go to the park and lay in the remnants of the winter grass. Basically I wanted to cat my day away. YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN. Because it was summerlike outside my brain started

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7 Simple Tricks To Improve Your Daily Silicon Valley Commute

It’s no secret that the roadways in the Silicon Valley are becoming increasingly congested and that there’s no difference between commute hours, off-peak hours, or the weekends: it’s just crowded. I thought that by switching my career track, I’d avoid all the commute madness, but no dice – it’s busy on the roads at any time of the day! The worst byproduct of all this traffic isn’t just the wear

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Thync Will Change The Way You Think About Managing Stress

When it comes to tech wearables, it would seem the market is saturated; fitness trackers, watches, GPS devices to keep track of things – it’s unending. All these wearables have one thing in common: they’re nice to have, but not necessary or especially helpful. Along came Thync. It’s a new kind of wearable that works to change your mood, making it possibly one of the most helpful wearables around. Using

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A Cheap Retreat: The Top 5 Spa Secrets of Coconut Oil

Treat your body to the health boosting and healing effects of coconut oil, one of the ingredients taking the world by storm not only in our kitchens but in our bathrooms as well. Keep in mind we’re not talking about any type of coconut oil, as some forms of it can actually be harmful to our health. For example, consider MCT oil–which, is made up of both coconut oil and

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8 Analog Lifestyle Hacks To Make Unplugging In The Silicon Valley Easier

If you live here in the Bay Area, you know that we love technology.  Like, LOVE it. So much so that we’re willing to wear pieces of it every day; Google Glass, FitBit, any other myriad of wearable tech…and it juts gets…old.  There’s any number of studies that talk about how using technology, no matter how cool it is, 24/7 is probably bad for you (source). If you’re ready to

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