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Watch the Latest Movie Releases Just Weeks After Their Debuts

When new movie releases are on their way, I get pretty hyped up. It’s almost unavoidable these days, with all of the awesome quality films coming out and the ease with which we can access previews ahead of time. There have even been releases of the next three years of Disney movie titles and they already have me itching to line up in front of the theatre for perfect back row

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Hippies Everywhere Rejoice at the Improved Volkswagen Bus

The reinvention of the Vokswagen bus has been in talks for years, and now it looks like the chatter is finally showing some actual hard evidence. In the not so far past, the lovers of the 70’s were enjoying the comfortable transportation of a far-out set of wheels known as the Volkswagen Campervan. Even now one of my neighbors still puts their Volkswagen bus on display in their driveway, with a

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The Emoji: A New Batch is Baking

Have you ever been looking frantically through your emoji list for an image that perfectly summed up what you were thinking or trying to say? Perhaps you wanted something to represent that beautiful new dish you just created, or something to finish off your best new joke? Whatever your case or conversation is, sometimes the perfect emoji that you’re thinking of just doesn’t exist yet. But that may not be

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