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Easily Create Your Dream Garden with the New GardenSpace

If you spent your holidays dreaming of a white Christmas immaculately-kept garden, then you’re in luck with GardenSpace! I myself have always imagined owning an impressive display of flowers, foods and herbs, ones which I could easily pluck from my windowsill like a legit Disney princess. Unfortunately, it is not at all as easy as pro gardeners make it look, and it can often take years to maintain a garden

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Kuri is the Most Tantalizing Robot on the Market

We sure do love our technology around here, and it comes as no surprise that robots often find their way into our blogs either for discussion purposes or for our sheer joy and entertainment. Today’s topic is a little bit of both, since I absolutely cannot deny the adorableness of this little character, nor can I deny its complexity and convenience in the comfort of our homes. Do I have

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2017 May be the Year of the Child Friendly Robot

I don’t know about you, but when I was a kid, I wanted a real robot. As robotic technology gets less expensive, the child friendly robot is becoming an affordable reality. STEM and other educational programs make use of robots for engineering, programming and other technology classes. The STEM Center, an Educational Toys company, claim robotics is “increasingly being considered as the fourth “R” of learning.” Thanks to less expensive robotics

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