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Salty and Sweet: Dipped Clementines

Cooks have always known this simple rule: salt brings out the flavor in things. I’m not talking about over salted snacks that make your mouth run dry and send you searching for water like a man lost in the desert. No, I’m talking about the subtle kiss of salt in dishes, especially sweet dishes, that makes you close your eyes and pause a bit to revel in the bliss of

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Salted Choco Chip Cookies

I have, for as long as I can remember, related to Cookie Monster on a deep spiritual level. I too, my blue muppet friend, have a thing for cookies. And by thing, clearly I mean THANG. It may seem strange for someone who bakes as often as I do to say that I almost never make cookies, but I don’t. Why? I WILL EAT THEM ALL. I have ZERO chill

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