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The Ultimate Selfie Was Just Introduced and We’re Loving It

Taking the ultimate selfie is never an easy task. Embarrassingly enough, sometimes you end up taking tens of hundreds of photos before you land that perfect selfie shot that makes you look basically like an angel, and basically like your life is what everyone should be striving towards. (I have yet to do this one time. Ever.) When it comes to camera phones, sometimes us iPhone die-hards have to take

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Activity Trackers are so Yesterday, Mindfulness is the New Hot Thing

FitBit debuted on September 9, 2008 at the TechCrunch50, to rave reviews. Now in 2016, it’s gone through almost a dozen iterations and can still be seen on the wrists, or in the pockets of techies throughout the Bay Area. But is it slowing down in popularity? Are people getting tired of keeping track of every single step they take? A new offering called Spire seems to think so. It’s

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Apple Vs Android: Battle of the Phones

Apple Vs. Android: Battle of the Phones The everlasting battle of the most famous smartphones: Apple vs Android! Although it is not quite clear about how this historical battle began, we can only guess that Steve Jobs could not find the answer he was looking for on Google and went into attack mode. So, what is it about these two smartphones that people cannot stop arguing about? A few arguments I’ve

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