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How to Get Up Close and Personal with the TraceMe App

Seattle Seahawks superstar Russell Wilson might be known for his serious skills on the football field, but the gifted athlete is focused on more than just raising the Vince Lombardi Trophy again. For Wilson, what pushes him to be better each season is the support he feels from the fans, and now he’s planning on giving them a front row seat for the whole season. The TraceMe app is here,

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Instagram Gives Way to Highest Form of Cyber Bullying

Instagram started as a fun way to post photos about our lives. A delicious bagel in the morning, walking our favorite pet or spending a night at the movies with friends. It all started out innocently enough, and even worked its way into a completely acceptable way to advertise, spread news, promote our own photography skills or start a business. Unfortunately, not all things can stay as they are, and

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Updates to Snapchat When You Thought They Could Do No More

The world of snapchat is a complicated one. At first, it was merely a place to send quick photos and messages, but it’s quickly evolved into a much bigger world. And so, it should. At least, that’s what you’d expect with a social app that has done so well in the last decade. From the first face filters and the big reveal of face swapping, to snap stories and unlimited

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Are Your Photos Safe? Facebook Tackles Issues

It only came to my attention recently that my photos might not be safe on Facebook. I don’t know why I hadn’t thought of it before this point, but it truly never occurred to me that my photos would end up anywhere other than on my fairly-private Facebook pages. It was only recently that a friend made the discovery that her photos weren’t just hers anymore. I was appalled to

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Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat Produce Original Video Content

Get ready Hulu and Netflix! You may soon compete with top social media channels. Twitter, Facebook, and even Snapchat may produce unique, original video content to stream through their channel. If you follow technology news, most likely you heard of the cord-cutting trend. In a 2016 report from market research company GFK, 25 percent of homes do not watch cable television. This ratio decreases among younger adults aged 18-34, 40

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