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Perfect Summer Peach Galette

Here’s the thing about peach pie: it’s a pain in the ass to make, what with the peeling and the slicing and it’s a lot of peaches and your hands get all gooey and stuff. Here’s the thing about peach galettes: they are simple to make, only use two to three peaches and are just as delicious as pies. And the bestest part? GALETTES ARE MEANT TO BE RUSTIC AND

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Summer Cooking Hack: Vanilla Overnight Oats

The heat of the summer has hit my fair city within the last couple of weeks (and it’s not even August yet), which means I am working on ever inventive ways to cook healthy WITHOUT heat … it’s going about as well as you’d expect. Enter overnight oats, savior of morning routines and completely and utterly devoid of anything remotely near the application of heat. I will admit, I was

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Roasted Buttered Cherries

I may have accidentally, totally on purpose, bought two pounds of fresh dark red, beautifully sweet cherries. They were on sale for under $2.00 a pound – which, I don’t know what part of the world you live in, but that RARELY happens here – so I totally went a bit cross-eyed in the produce section and bought two pounds. It occurs to me now, as I type this, that

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Quick and Easy Treat: Affogato

It’s hot. It’s humid. I still want my coffee. Really, there’s not much that separates me from my daily infusion of caffeine. But sometimes the oppressive summerness makes one have to get creative (here’s how to make iced coffee two ways if you’re feeling the need). There’s also something about summer that ramps up my usually dormant need for ice cream (it’s the heat, it does things to my hindbrain).

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Balsamic Roasted Strawberry Shortcake

Summertime is strawberrytime. If you are lucky enough to have a stead supply of local strawberries, I hope you do amazing things like make preserves and pie with the little ruby jewels. If you have some left over from all your pie making (and seriously, where was my invitation?) – or, if you’re like me, and have some berries kicking around in your fridge that need to be used because

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