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The Ultimate Selfie Was Just Introduced and We’re Loving It

Taking the ultimate selfie is never an easy task. Embarrassingly enough, sometimes you end up taking tens of hundreds of photos before you land that perfect selfie shot that makes you look basically like an angel, and basically like your life is what everyone should be striving towards. (I have yet to do this one time. Ever.) When it comes to camera phones, sometimes us iPhone die-hards have to take

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iPhone Tricks for Basically Professional Photos

Don’t we just love taking photos? In a world where the “selfie” is now an actual word and Photoshop capabilities are basically from a whole other world, it’s becoming easier and easier for your regular Joe to capture absolutely stunning photos with nought but his phone. If you’re looking to step your game up when it comes to taking great photos, the creators of the iPhone really have given you

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