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Kuri is the Most Tantalizing Robot on the Market

We sure do love our technology around here, and it comes as no surprise that robots often find their way into our blogs either for discussion purposes or for our sheer joy and entertainment. Today’s topic is a little bit of both, since I absolutely cannot deny the adorableness of this little character, nor can I deny its complexity and convenience in the comfort of our homes. Do I have

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Tech-Inspired Mother’s Day Gifts

Ladies and gentlemen, I’m here to give you fair warning about the upcoming celebration we so often leave until the last minute: Mother’s Day. That one day when those of us who are lucky to have our mother’s in our lives get to shower her with love and share with her all of the reasons she means so much to us (although we should be doing this all the time).

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Safety Tips for Your Tech in 2017

It comes as no surprise that the more we rely on technology, the more we expose ourselves to the ongoing risks that are involved. No matter what you use technology for, everyone is at risk of being hacked and the problem is getting worse. Whether you only use your tech toys for things like social media and communicating or you rely on technology to handle all of your most valuable

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Coloring Books That Come to Life

 Coloring is a rite of passage for kids. Whether you had to do it in school, at a sibling’s soccer practice or all damn afternoon because you loved it, coloring books were the bomb. Some of us were very serious about the craft of staying in the lines, while others had more of a Picasso approach. It was one of the easiest ways to explore our creative expression and also

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New Year’s Resolutions in Technology

Now that the classic holiday festivities of the season are coming to a close, a lot of us might be groaning and moaning about how much control we lost eating the turkey and stuffing. Luckily, New Year’s is just around the corner and that means we have the chance to redeem ourselves! (Or completely fail, crash and burn). However, while it’s nice to set goals like losing weight and eating

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