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No More Pencils, No More Books: How Technology is Revolutionizing the Classroom

Technology in the classroom has been rapidly evolving since the millennium. In many school districts, the era of pencils, books, and blackboards is quickly fading. Today’s K-12 and higher education teachers are using a variety of tools, apps, and electronic devices to introduce new ways to learn and collaborate, all the while preparing students for success in this digital age. I’ve spoken to many teachers about how they are using

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Easily Create Your Dream Garden with the New GardenSpace

If you spent your holidays dreaming of a white Christmas immaculately-kept garden, then you’re in luck with GardenSpace! I myself have always imagined owning an impressive display of flowers, foods and herbs, ones which I could easily pluck from my windowsill like a legit Disney princess. Unfortunately, it is not at all as easy as pro gardeners make it look, and it can often take years to maintain a garden

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Your Best Self Starts with a Happier New Year

We all want to be our best self; an individual who feels good about who they are, and who spreads their positive attitudes to those around them as well. As the new year approaches, these feelings of wanting to improve certain aspects of our lives are magnified by all of the resolutions that you’re sure to hear about. Some people want to be happier by finding a job they love,

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Top Must-Have Toys Kids Will Love This Holiday

It’s never easy finding those must-have toys that kids start raving about as soon as Halloween ends. However, it’s the holidays, which means parents will be doing their best to find everything on their children’s perfectly drawn-up lists. Lots of girls and boys (who have been good) are going to be opening up some pretty sweet tech and toys this holiday season, which means we get to fill you in

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Digital Contraception Predicts Pregnancy in a New Way

The term “Digital Contraception” is a new one to many. While it’s not surprising that something new has adopted a digital form in our day and age, the topic of contraception remains a tough one to talk about. This is mainly because the highly-debated topic of contraception brings out religious beliefs, political views and deeply-rooted personal experiences that must be handled with care. We haven’t seen much movement by way

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