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Digital Contraception Predicts Pregnancy in a New Way

The term “Digital Contraception” is a new one to many. While it’s not surprising that something new has adopted a digital form in our day and age, the topic of contraception remains a tough one to talk about. This is mainly because the highly-debated topic of contraception brings out religious beliefs, political views and deeply-rooted personal experiences that must be handled with care. We haven’t seen much movement by way

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The Hyperloop One is Making Big Promises

While everyone’s over here freaking out about flying cars, I’m still overwhelmed with the idea of the new train system that’s being built through our town. Seriously, the thing has taken years to build, and it doesn’t look like it’s anywhere near close to done. It’s actually putting stores out of business at this point, and even now as everyone starts learning what it feels like to bump and bounce

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Police are Getting Some New Wheels

Police cars are about to get a whole lot fancier, and it’s about time. This year Ford is rolling out a brand-new set of wheels that are designed specifically with policemen and high-speed car chases in mind. Obviously, the main element to these cars will be safety, but there’s also a great need for a high-performance car that will be able to keep up with criminals. Previously you may have

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Technology and the Wheelchair

One of the earliest models of the wheelchair was invented in 1595, and later in 1655 by a paraplegic named Stephen Farfler. In 1783, a man named John Dawson of Bath, England created a chair that was designed with two large wheels and one small one, which outsold all other wheelchair models throughout the earlier part of the 19th century. During the next century, wheelchairs would get a lot of upgrades

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New Year’s Resolutions in Technology

Now that the classic holiday festivities of the season are coming to a close, a lot of us might be groaning and moaning about how much control we lost eating the turkey and stuffing. Luckily, New Year’s is just around the corner and that means we have the chance to redeem ourselves! (Or completely fail, crash and burn). However, while it’s nice to set goals like losing weight and eating

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