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Prepare to Applaud Twitter’s Latest Move in Television

Twitter has done a pretty impressive job of maintaining its popularity through the years, which is certainly saying something considering all of the visually-appealing apps that have come out in the last decade. And while many were assuming that Twitter was slowly going to have to bow out of the game, recent updates say otherwise. You can always teach an old dog new tricks, and Twitter has been working hard

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Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat Produce Original Video Content

Get ready Hulu and Netflix! You may soon compete with top social media channels. Twitter, Facebook, and even Snapchat may produce unique, original video content to stream through their channel. If you follow technology news, most likely you heard of the cord-cutting trend. In a 2016 report from market research company GFK, 25 percent of homes do not watch cable television. This ratio decreases among younger adults aged 18-34, 40

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Panasonic Clear TV is Changing the Game

Television designs have come a long way in the last decade, which is quite a wonderful thing considering the giant boxes that they used to be. We’ve seen the flat-screen make its debut, higher image quality and even curved screens so that everyone gets the best view. It seems that Panasonic still isn’t satisfied with the television however, which means we’re about to see the old telly get yet another

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