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Best Cities for a Weekend Getaway (Without Breaking the Bank)

Play dates, meetings, appointments and meetings fill our daily lives, devouring every moment like an insatiable monster. Most of us would love to get away from the daily grind occasionally, but, more often than not, the cost of vacationing makes “Netflix and chill” more attractive than hitting the open road. A fun weekend getaway doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg, however. If you crave a couple of

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London Fog

When I travel to cities enough I have favorite places I have to – HAVE TO – go eat a meal at. There’s something to be said about visiting a place that soothes your soul after a long day (or more) of traveling; a place that makes frazzled nerves and tightly clenched shoulders (as in my case) to relax is a blessing. If you ever find yourself in or around Springfield,

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Mosquito Supper Club + Garlic Crabs

I am back from a whirlwind weekend in New Orleans for Bouchercon – aka the world’s largest mystery convention, a place where writers and readers share breathing space, ideas, drinks, and in general lots of shenanigans. Other than meeting some of the loveliest people I have ever had the pleasure to know (and trust me when I say that mystery writers as a whole are a gloriously giving bunch and I

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Food on the Road: An Interview With TVFoodMaps

Ever find yourself watching one of the many food shows on television? You know the ones, where the host travels around the country and gets to enjoy a multitude of amazing tastiness. Recently Techandburgers had the opportunity to speak with one of the founders of TVFoodMaps. Through their hard work and dedication, the rest of us now have the road to TV highlighted restaurants and food stops oh so easy. Check out what they had to say: The

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Family Road Trips: Tips for Traveling With Kids

  With the weather finally getting nicer for most of the country, I think it would be safe to say, many of us are sick of being inside. We want to get out and explore. Many kids will be going on summer break soon and it may be that perfect time to plan that road trip. While the destination may be fun and interesting and you may be looking forward

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