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If You’re Craving Ice Cream You Are in for a Sweet and Sour Treat!

Imagine yourself on a hot day, you are probably sweating from all that heat, tired and wishing you had something cold in your mouth, something like ice cream. Now you know you can get ice cream from your nearest store, but, no, you do not like any of the flavors. Strawberry, vanilla, blueberry, too common. Well, what about sour patch kids ice cream? Why not go for something sweet, and

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Halloween Snacks Made Perfect for Your Little Monsters

  Halloween snacks can get really morbid if that’s what you’re into, but when you’re trying to feed a group of kids some very realistic looking eyeballs, chances are you’ll lose a few fans. There’s a fine line between getting your kids into the Halloween spirit, and totally scaring the crap out of them. (The latter can be quite funny, but that’s not what we’re here for today.) Today we’re

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Peanut Butter Banana Dog (and People) Treats

These are technically dog treats. Technically. But they’re also people treats. THEY ARE TOO. Four ingredients (well, six if you decorate your people treats with chocolate and fluer de sel) that’s it, four ingredients and you get to have some amazing treats for your four-legged friends or, well, yourself (no judgment here, I have been snacking on these treats ALL day long … WUT?). Before you feed these yummies to

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7 Ways to Celebrate Canada Day with Your Taste Buds

Canada, d’eh? Why yes, in fact there are some Canadian writers on this fabulous team! Thank you for asking! And with that, I simply cannot overlook the fact that Canada Day is coming up! For my fellow Canadian readers (or just Canada lovers) here are 7 cool treats from across the net that are perfect for celebrating the country’s big day. (If you make any of these, feel free to

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5 Spooky Hors d ’Oeuvres For Any Halloween Shindig

It’s officially go time; Halloween is this Friday and if you’re planning on throwing a party – for kids and adults alike, now is the time to send out the invites! Since you’ll probably want to throw a spooky, Halloween themed party, I was able to scare up 5 of the most frightening finger foods you’ve ever tried. So go ahead and light the jack ‘o lanterns, dim the lights,

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