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New Features of the iPhone X You Need to Consider

If you’ve got your eye on the new iPhone X model, then you likely know some of the things you can expect from the new design. With a name like iPhone X, it’s fairly clear off the bat that this version would be slightly different than previous ones, but we can never really be sure what Apple has had up its sleeves. Luckily there have been some reports about the

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New Documents Design Hopes to Make Things Easier

A new documents design is upon us, and it is about bloody time. But let me backtrack for a second and catch you up. We’ve come a long way when it comes to technology; heck, we’re building houses out of 3-D printers and watching live videos of friends from across the world! At this point, it seems like there’s nothing we cannot do when the right minds are put to

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Ideas to Expand Your iPhone or iPad’s Storage

Do you ever wish your iPhone or iPad had more storage space? Some users who opt for a less expensive phone or tablet quickly find they have a storage space issue. Apps, music, video, photographs all use storage space. Unfortunately, IOS devices do not typically allow the user to add storage space. There are numerous products on the market that expand your IOS device’s storage. A Round-Up of iPhone & iPad

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