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YouTube has New and Improved Rules for “Kid-Friendly” Content

YouTube is an incredibly confusing place, even when you don’t explore the content dubbed “kid-friendly”. This is obviously due to the fact that anyone can post almost anything, and the result is a serious mish-mash of amazing content and ‘What the hell did I just watch?’ content. It’s usually a toss-up if you’re not familiar with an account. Whatever you’re about to watch could go either way, but that’s the

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Streaming Entertainment Like Hulu Expands VR

Are VR headsets just for games and pretty pictures? Sometimes the trend seems a little gimmicky unless you love immersive gaming. Due to content limitations, my VR headset feels like a bulky upgrade on the ViewMaster ™.  But will that change? Streaming entertainment brands like Hulu and Netflix race to create their VR channels. Hulu Embraces VR Entertainment Hulu unveiled a new feature for their Virtual Reality channel that allows

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Snapchat Unveils Something to See

For the snapchat lovers on your contact list, this is for them. This is definitely not for those people who have a certain loathing towards social media or a longing for the old days. No no…snapchat is indeed on a blazing trail of success without any signs of stopping. So for those of you who love your simplistic tech toys but hate constant “this is what I’m doing in this

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