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The 2018 Winter Olympics Have Never Been Easier to Enjoy

Ahead of the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, South Korea, NBC has released some pretty exciting news. For all of the enthusiastic viewers who aren’t able to make the trip to see the games live, there will be an impressive amount of coverage to be witnessed: A record 1,800 hours of coverage, to be exact. Not only will we be able to see even more coverage than ever before for

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Prepare to Applaud Twitter’s Latest Move in Television

Twitter has done a pretty impressive job of maintaining its popularity through the years, which is certainly saying something considering all of the visually-appealing apps that have come out in the last decade. And while many were assuming that Twitter was slowly going to have to bow out of the game, recent updates say otherwise. You can always teach an old dog new tricks, and Twitter has been working hard

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Watch the Latest Movie Releases Just Weeks After Their Debuts

When new movie releases are on their way, I get pretty hyped up. It’s almost unavoidable these days, with all of the awesome quality films coming out and the ease with which we can access previews ahead of time. There have even been releases of the next three years of Disney movie titles and they already have me itching to line up in front of the theatre for perfect back row

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iPhone Tricks for Basically Professional Photos

Don’t we just love taking photos? In a world where the “selfie” is now an actual word and Photoshop capabilities are basically from a whole other world, it’s becoming easier and easier for your regular Joe to capture absolutely stunning photos with nought but his phone. If you’re looking to step your game up when it comes to taking great photos, the creators of the iPhone really have given you

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YouTube TV Set to Join Streaming TV Market

YouTube announced their new YouTube TV service that will offer live television streaming from over 40 channels. The new service will cost subscribers $35 per month. According to YouTube, subscribers will stream ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC & YouTube Red. Subscribers may add premium channels to their base subscription. The service also includes an unlimited cloud-based DVR service for those who cannot catch the live broadcast of their favorite shows. Each

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