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Can Music Improve Your Workout or Your Work?

Music has the power to distract or help us focus. Several apps use the power of sound and music to enhance several aspects of our lives. Do you need some tunes to help you work? There is an app for that! You probably know that it makes mindless tasks such as housework and physical labor more pleasurable. And most likely you shared the experience of feeling fully absorbed in the moment during a concert.

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3 Ways Techies are Making Getting Dressed the Least Stressful Part of the Day

Silicon Valley is unique in that while we’re home to some of the most brilliant tech minds in the world, getting dressed for work doesn’t go much further than a pair of jeans and a hoodie. I mean, really, if you’re already making millions of dollars, why bother with the fussiness of a three-piece suit? Also, it’s just really a pain to spend all that time buttoning shirts and finding

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Jars Aren’t Just For Canning – Mason Jar Meals are Healthy, Delicious, and Easy To Make!

The Silicon Valley is great, right? First of all, it’s California, so the weather is beautiful year round; the tech is cutting edge and start-ups are plentiful; and, you’re totally encouraged to work as long into the night as you need to get that last project shipped! Seriously, we’re all busy here, and we love it, but it would just be nice to be able to have a fresh meal

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The Top Five Reasons A Capsule Wardrobe is Perfect for The Bay Area!

Have you ever realized you wear the same thing every day? I’m a minimalist by default. After two boys, my go-to wardrobe has turned into a pair of jeans, a black shirt, and a hoodie. I haven’t had the time or energy to think past this uniform, especially here in the Silicon Valley where everything moves at the speed of technology. As my boys are growing up, my workload is

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What the 3D Printer Taught Me

How I imagined a 3-D printer worked before this article: Someone went out and got a fresh new stack of computer papers from Staples Someone sitting at a computer designed some sort of cool object A magical printer took the paper and BAM; made it into said cool object …that’s about it. I realize that’s not saying much for my knowledge of the technology, but I’m willing to put myself

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