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The Fall of Logan Paul Will Make You Re-Think Your Posts

So, there’s been a whole lot of talk about a prominent YouTuber in the last couple of days, by the name of Logan Paul. If you haven’t heard of him, there’s a good chance you don’t spend a lot of time on YouTube and this is not a bad thing. Unfortunately, I couldn’t seem to shake all of the pop-ups and links to the big story about this YouTuber, so

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YouTube has New and Improved Rules for “Kid-Friendly” Content

YouTube is an incredibly confusing place, even when you don’t explore the content dubbed “kid-friendly”. This is obviously due to the fact that anyone can post almost anything, and the result is a serious mish-mash of amazing content and ‘What the hell did I just watch?’ content. It’s usually a toss-up if you’re not familiar with an account. Whatever you’re about to watch could go either way, but that’s the

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YouTube TV Set to Join Streaming TV Market

YouTube announced their new YouTube TV service that will offer live television streaming from over 40 channels. The new service will cost subscribers $35 per month. According to YouTube, subscribers will stream ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC & YouTube Red. Subscribers may add premium channels to their base subscription. The service also includes an unlimited cloud-based DVR service for those who cannot catch the live broadcast of their favorite shows. Each

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