5 Tech Toys for Every Gardener


I could claim I’m a savvy gardener and a green thumb enthusiast, but my mom would call me out on that one real quick. And it’s true- anytime I’ve been asked to house sit the owner always comes home to droopy, sad, very-dry plants. I don’t know what it is, but even in weather like this I can’t seem to remember to take care of anyone’s plants- let alone my own! (Which is why I don’t own any.)


However, the warmer season certainly has people out and about at their local nurseries to re-vamp their gardens and bring fresh arrangements into their homes. With that in mind, I’ve searched for some of the coolest tech gadgets that might be able to help even the most hopeless gardeners turn a new leaf with nature. (See what I did there?) Check out these 5 tech toys to keep your plants healthy and happy:


  1. Brinno Garden Watch Cam


This watch cam is a super cool tool for all kinds of gardeners, because not only can it take beautiful shots of your plants, it can also show you how the flower grows or what’s destroying it when you have pests! It runs on batteries and can take photos at various intervals of your choice- slide out the attached flash drive to let your gardener smarts unfurl before your eyes on your computer.



  1. Parrot Flower Power


I’m incredibly intrigued by this smart plant sensor, which does a heck of a lot of work for those gardeners who can’t seem to keep even a cactus alive. The wireless tool works with plants both inside and outside, and it can read crucial parameters of the plant including temperature, soil moisture and light intensity.

The readings occur frequently from four sensors and can be sent to your smartphone to tell you all about what your plant needs to get back to good health. Essentially, you buy a plant and then you buy something to take care of the plant. And that is something that I am interested in.

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  1. Hozelock Auto Aquapod Watering System


Described as a “fully automatic watering system” from hozelock.com, the aqua pod has the ability to water multiple plants consecutively and claims to be super easy to install (yet to be determined). The idea is that you can add as many “aquapods” as you’d like, with the ability to water up to 39 potted plants at one time.

Not only is it efficient, but Hozelock claims that it can reduce water usage by up to 90% and has a leak-free design to save on water. The initial kit waters up to 10 pots, so this is certainly for those gardeners who have already mastered basic gardening. This is some pretty cool tech that is also eco-friendly which you know TechandBurgers can bite into.



  1. Smart Herb Garden Starter Kit


For my gardener beginners, this awesome starter kit can ease you into the responsibility of plant-life. My mom had a kit like this at one point, but the machine still required her to do much of the tending and eventually the plants dried out.

This smart kit uses NASA-inspired technology to assist your plants in strong, more nutritious growth. All you have to do is add water to a reservoir and plug it in- the machine will do the rest, determining when to release soil and how much oxygen or nutrients it needs on any given day to thrive. Sit back and watch your basil grow- slow and steady wins the race!63SHG-appsticker


  1. Sprout It App


Of course there is always the option of heading to the internet to get some help with your green thumb, and the “Sprout It” app is one of many great options available to you. This app helps you through every step, from planting to harvesting based on your location and what kinds of plants you have.





What kinds of tech gadgets have helped you to improve your green thumb? We’d love some more advice to get our gardens looking green!


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