A Shopper’s Delight: Businesses on Instagram on the Rise 

Businesses on Instagram are starting to make their mark. It seems like only yesterday when Instagram had just sprung up out of a giant, black hole. I only had a few friends, the filters were dismal and my recently-released iPhone had no idea what Touch ID was. Instagram Stories? What were those? Live feeds? Not a chance. When I first started using this social platform app, I would never have imagined just how big of an impact it would have on the world and how much it would change.

These days, Instagram is an impressive piece of everyone’s big or little life, and the constant need for updated information is quickly filled with both accounts you follow, and even some that you don’t.

Unlike the titan known as Facebook, Instagram seems to offer something a little more personal, since you aren’t bombarded with ads and claustrophobic news feeds about things you have zero interest in. The platform is definitely more efficient and way more fun …and it’s no surprise that businesses have hopped on the train.128untitled

Businesses on Instagram

Even if a business and its employees had never used Instagram before (doubtful), there was no denying that this was a platform they would have to get comfortable with using. That’s because of the huge potential for customer outreach, and more than 800 million active users, with 500 million of those users visiting the app every single day. The potential for connecting with all of these people was a few clicks and some photos away, with technical and creative thinking mixed in, of course.

Out of all of those people using an account with the photo-friendly app, more than 80% of accounts followed some type of business, and 200 million users would take a glance at a business profile every day. The potential for exposure has grown exponentially, so it comes as no surprise that more and more business owners are valuing the platform each day.

In July of 2017, Instagram hosted approximately 15 million businesses; an impressive number, if you weren’t aware of the numbers now. The company has announced that as of November 30th, 2017, it is home to 25 million businesses.

In response to the growth they were seeing for business on Instagram, the app launched ‘business profiles’, which allowed owners to see analytics about their page and to access greater functionality. And while many business pages have a link to their original websites and pages, director of product for Instagram Business, Vishal Shah, shared that almost half of the business profiles didn’t have a link to an outside website.128BusinessInstagram

This suggested that these companies didn’t see a need for another outlet; Instagram was their primary presence and it was bringing them the attention they were looking for. It was also shared that those companies that were “born” through Instagram are often the ones that do the best.

Finding Followers

According to Instagram, two-thirds of the visits business accounts bring in are from users who aren’t even following them. This means that they’ve been lead there by another account, a tagged photo, word of mouth, etc. To help businesses, Shah wants to find a way to offer businesses more detail about where their visitors are coming from, how they’ve found them, where they go after, etc.

With what Instagram has accomplished so far, it doesn’t seem too out-of-reach for them to be able to locate this information. Soon enough, businesses will become even more efficient on the app, zeroing down on how to find potential customers and showing them exactly what they want to see.


What kinds of things do you look for in businesses on Instagram? If you have one of your own, tell us about it and how you’ve managed to grow your audience! Comment below!

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