Apple Vs Android: Battle of the Phones

Apple Vs. Android: Battle of the Phones

The everlasting battle of the most famous smartphones: Apple vs Android! Although it is not quite clear about how this historical battle began, we can only guess that Steve Jobs could not find the answer he was looking for on Google and went into attack mode. So, what is it about these two smartphones that people cannot stop arguing about? A few arguments I’ve heard so far are: camera quality, tougher screens and even the joys of Facetime.

iphone-6-458159_1280Now for some, camera quality doesn’t mean anything when it comes to choosing a phone, but for many teenagers and people up to the age of probably thirty, it makes all the difference. According to the Apple website their latest model of the iPhone 6 comes with a greater quality camera then ever before. It comes with more advanced features to it’s iSight camera: with 1.5 micron-pixels, it’s f/2.2 aperture, new sensors with focus pixels, improved face detection, and exposure control. Basically, what this means is, all you have to do is smile pretty for the camera and let the phone do all the work. Android will soon be releasing its newly revamped Samsung Galaxy 6, although the release date has not yet been announced, that doesn’t keep Android from expressing their latest upgrades to their already high quality cameras. began its article on the Samsung Galaxy 6, written by James Rogerson and James Peckham, by informing its readers that the quality of the camera has basically increased ten fold. “The rear camera has a 16MP sensor, with an aperture of f1.9 – this thing is going to be excellent for low light, and an improvement of 34% over the Galaxy S5.” This changes the game immensely for Android and even gives them plus five points in my book.

Another battle that I feel I am always hearing about, is how easily Apple’s screen tends to break and how an Android could probably survive a nuclearsmartphone-655342_1280_edited war. I have a dear friend who lives for all things associated with Apple products, every iPhone, MacBook, you name it. The only problem and complaint that she has ever encountered with her iPhone’s is that when she dropped it on her wood floors, without her case on (the one time she took it off might I add) the screen just shattered! It was unbelievable she had just received that phone I think a month prior to her dropping it. You can imagine her face, mannerisms, as well as gasp of air when she witnessed me drop my Samsung Galaxy S5, screen first, right on to the pavement as we were heading into the mall one day. I think her reaction scared me more than the fact that I had dropped my phone. As I slowly, cautiously bent down to pick up the phone my friends face stayed frozen until I flipped it over and saw zero damage whatsoever.

“Turn it on!” She demanded as she examined the phone. I clicked on my lock screen and slowly opened up my phone. No damage!

“Okay, let’s go!” I smiled widely as I felt her eyes burning a whole in my head with envy.

iphone-410311_1280The final ongoing battle are the advances in communication that Apple has obtained, such as the communicating system, Facetime. Facetime is just like the name sounds, the only remix I’ll give it is ‘it’s time to see your friends face.’ A lot of teenagers, adults, as well as business executives use Facetime to keep in contact with their friends, relatives, loved ones, and even employees. It’s a faster means of communication from one person to the next and the major plus side is this app already comes with the phone. My old manager had actually used Facetime to keep in contact with the owners while they were away on vacation to keep them up to speed with everything that had being happening while they were away. Android unfortunately has not had an app such as Facetime for their phones, from what I have experienced. In order to video-chat with someone you are going to have to download an app like Skype, ooVoo, or Tango in order to reach out to one of your friends. That is, assuming they have an account set up with one of these sites already.

The everlasting battle of Apple vs. Android, I feel, will go on for decades to come. Apple as well as Android each have their advantages and disadvantages. Personally, I’m a hypocrite. I have a Samsung Galaxy S5 as I am writing this article on my MacBook Air, I get to experience the best of both worlds practically. I must say that I am definitely at a toss up. What about you?


Amanda Badillo


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