Are These Apps Crossing the Line?

Lately within our society technology has been advancing, it feels like, every two months. Whether it’s the latest smartphone, computer, watch, or you name it. The times have completely changed since 2010. However, what has been completely altering the world, as we know it is the fact that there is an app…for almost everything!0iphone-410311_1280

Apps were first invented for an individual to play games on their cell phones when they were stuck on a train, bored sitting in the waiting room, or forced to sit in detention…you know…for the bad kids, not me. Apps lately have developed into something I don’t even think Steve Jobbs saw coming years and years ago. There’s an app now for dating, shopping, and even ordering food! Are you kidding me? Ordering food people!

So this has led me to wonder, are all of these apps crossing the line? Let’s just think about this for a minute. The latest and most talked about app, Tinder, allows an individual to search for other individuals to test and see if they find each other good looking. If you both do, you’re a match and can start talking immediately. If you’re not, feel free to never talk to this person again. Now, yes, this is practically what happens in real life except it’s through a phone.

0online-dating-570216_1280Whatever happened to just going out to a bar, a club, a fun hangout and just meeting people that way? This app, I personally feel, has ripped and stripped away the fun of just randomly meeting somebody for the first time and feeling that instant connection. Instead, you are now supposed to feel this connection through the power of getting your picture ‘liked’ or swiped ‘right’ by somebody. How crazy is this?

My fear of this app in particular involves many things. For starters, how can you know for sure that this person whether it be guy/girl is who they say they are? Like my mom used to warn me about a chat room, he could say he’s thirteen but be somebody mommy and daddy’s age. Then on top of that, you really don’t know if this person is crazy. Just because somebody is hot does not mean that they won’t kill you in your sleep.

Finally, an app like this is what makes people have zero self-confidence when it comes towards approaching a person they either have a crush or just find insanely cute. In a sense it is almost as if an app like this is becoming a personal crutch for people to lean on. It’s stopping them from making that initial move towards one. Instead, they’ll try and find this person on Tinder or whatever love app and hope for the person to like their page so they can actually talk.

The next type of app that I find ridiculous are any of the apps that allow you to buy clothes! As awesome as I found this idea at first glance, my thoughts have changed completely on this subject. Instead, I see it as an excuse for people to not leave their houses. It’s a chance for them to not talk nor see anybody. They are going to waste hours and hours, scrolling through countless outfit ideas, trends, websites, and apps until they find something they like, as opposed to stepping inside a store and getting out right away.

The necessity for this app is not at all needed. This will soon take away the big business of having retail stores if they have an app for their site. For 0iphone-699089_1280example, Victoria’s secret even has an app for their store. They also have every item on their website and in their stores on this app. It will draw people away from wanting to experience the Heaven of bra’s that is Victoria’s Secret.

Lastly, the app that I find most disgusting as well as unbelievable is the app that allows you to order food…through your phone! This leaves you not having to call any restaurants, pizzeria’s, and sometimes even local diners because you have their menu in the palm of your hand and all you have to do is click a few buttons and the food will be delivered in thirty minutes or less. Again, AWESOME idea, until you begin to see the problems within this idea. Such as, this leaves an individual to not have to speak to anybody. Doesn’t seem so bad at first, until you begin to realize that this can almost turns into a feeling of dread. Dread over having to call and speak to someone, dread over calling to check on food, you name it.

This could leave people, especially the younger generation, with a fear of talking to people. This app is great at times, I’m sure, but to have it so you can contact multiple restaurants for either takeout or reservations…it’s just so unnecessary.

So where does an app draw the line? Well, apparently it’s going to take a lot before we finally say: ‘do we really need this’? Because this technology is still really so new and so advanced we will be saying for a long time coming: ‘give me more, give me more,’ until it’s possibly too late. Our generations to come will use their cell phones as if their magicians making food and a date to their prom magically appear. It will only continue to skyrocket from here, it is just unsure whether or not we should be really excited or really be wondering, are these apps crossing the line?


Amanda Badillo


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