A Beginner’s Guide to Photo Editing Apps

It seems as if the days of carrying around a bulky camera are over.  With cell phones, a camera is at your fingertips at all times.  And with cell phone apps anyone can become an editor and create perfect pictures.  But with so many applications out there in the Google Play Store or iPhone App Store which ones are worth being downloaded?  Here are six apps that are easy enough for a beginner to use while allowing you to edit your pictures like a pro.

Get ready to download these apps and start snapping the selfies.


FotoRus is a package deal of all the editing tools, layouts, and filters you could want.  When taking selfies you are able to easily remove blemishes and capture the perfect lighting.  You can choose from hundreds of fun stickers to spice up your photos, edit like a pro, and post full-size photos on social media sites without cropping.  FotoRus does a little bit of everything and it’s easy to use.1117fotorus-for-pc

Microsoft Hyperlapse

Hyperlapse edits your videos so that they are shorter and easier to watch.  It is great because it is so easy to use.  Just take a video, hit the button, and then you have a perfectly timelapsed video.  You can choose which speed to watch your video at and either slow it down or speed it up.1117microsoft-hyperlapse-header

Layout from Instagram

Layout is exactly what it says it is.  You take or upload up to nine of your favorite pictures and then see them put together in a variety of different collages.  Pick your favorite collage and you are done.  Or, use the various editing features to put things together anyway you choose.  Be as creative as you want.  You can select people by searching their names or change up the layouts.  This app is great for making and sharing special collages.

Google Photos

Google Photos is an awesome way to store and organize your photos.  When searching for a certain picture you can search by person, location, or item so it’s much easier to find your pictures.  Photos are stored on your cloud so they take up less space on your phone and are safe if anything should happen to your phone!  Editing and sharing tools are available.  Google Photos even has a time hop feature that shows you pictures that you took in the past!

This is a must for anyone who takes lots of photos.1117nexusae0_Google-Photos-icon-logo

InstaBeauty-Selfie Camera

Do you take a lot of selfies? Then this app is for you.  InstaBeauty allows you to take a picture and then quickly beautify it.  Features include blemish removal, skin toning, pretty filters, beauty collages and video options.  The quick snap feature allows you to take several pics quickly and then view the beautified version of them all at once so that you are able to capture the perfect selfie.1117images

PicsArt Photo Studio

PicsArt Photo Studio is the number one downloaded photo editing app.  PicArt is more than just editing and pretty filters.  It allows you to create art.  You can create collages or your own digital drawings.  There are hundreds of tools and features that will allow your creativity to flow.  Once your creation is complete, it can be easily shared across the internet.1117PicsArt-Photo-Studio-by-Socialin-LLC

Now it’s your turn.  Which app sounds the most interesting to you?  Download it and start editing and creating beautiful pictures.


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