Easily Create Your Dream Garden with the New GardenSpace

If you spent your holidays dreaming of a white Christmas immaculately-kept garden, then you’re in luck with GardenSpace! I myself have always imagined owning an impressive display of flowers, foods and herbs, ones which I could easily pluck from my windowsill like a legit Disney princess.

Unfortunately, it is not at all as easy as pro gardeners make it look, and it can often take years to maintain a garden that will flourish perfectly each year. Not to mention, every year is different when it comes to factors like pests and weather, so you’ve got to be really good at knowing how to take care of the things you’ve planted. Sounds like a lot of work, right? Thankfully, someone shares in our far-fetched dreams and wanted to make them a more reasonable reality.

A new robot known as “GardenSpace” was launched out of Australia on Kickstarter, and it’s got me super excited about the day when I actually own a home with a yard, and not an apartment with a concrete balcony. (Sigh.)76f1e80916bb6f57db264d9a9b4e724d_original

What is GardenSpace?

GardenSpace is a large, easy-on-the-eyes robot that you plant in your garden. As with all things in this century, the tech comes with a phone app, which is where you can input all of the different types of things you’ve planted so GardenSpace knows what to do. The bot uses a solar-powered motor, which means you don’t have to worry about hooking it up anywhere, or finding new batteries every couple of weeks. Got a big garden? One of these tech toys can take care of 100 square feet, which can hold approximately $700 worth of produce for a year.

Once you’ve placed it in your garden, connect it to a water source and watch as the GardenSpace automatically waters your flowers and foods based on their individual needs. Your app works as the command center, where you’ll be able to keep track of each plant’s health data, temperature and even its chlorophyll levels.bfd3410cdace6f4952aab26db9703818_original

If all of those cool specs didn’t impress you, then you’ll also want to know that this robot has a motion-sensing camera with 360-degree capabilities. These features allow the GardenSpace to watch over your plants, as well as recognize when critters and pests come along so it can squirt them away with water. (Amazing, right!?)

And if that wasn’t enough, this little guy can also help you decide where its best to plant certain items, and when you need to re-stock on seeds. (If you have absolutely zero time for anything, it can also make this order for you).Gardenspace-system

So far, the company has managed to raise $34,000 on Kickstarter, but it’s likely that that number will continue to rise the more that word spreads. Tech toys like this make for very exciting opportunities for the spring, considering this can help people to spend less on imported goods and focus more on growing their own foods from the very earth they have in their yards. The perfect start to a new year, if I do say so myself!
What do you think of this new gadget? Would you try it out in your garden? Comment below and let’s get this discussion growing!

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