The Emoji: A New Batch is Baking

Have you ever been looking frantically through your emoji list for an image that perfectly summed up what you were thinking or trying to say? Perhaps you wanted something to represent that beautiful new dish you just created, or something to finish off your best new joke?

Whatever your case or conversation is, sometimes the perfect emoji that you’re thinking of just doesn’t exist yet. But that may not be the case much longer. While the emoji have undoubtedly been taking the world by storm in a wide variety of platforms (Instagram, SMS, Facebook, etc.), creators at Unicode Consortium are ready to bring a slew of new emoji into the world for our enjoyment. And we can’t help but be excited.

What’s your favorite emoji?

918tumblr_inline_ntbs5iXL5G1tw9ivx_500Sure, we’ve fallen in love with emoji like the “extraterrestrial alien”, the “blow a kiss” emoji, or the classic “pile of poo” emoji. Personally, I dig the “championship trophy” emoji, the “donut” emoji, and the “koala bear” emoji. (Did we just become best friends?) The variety that has been available undoubtedly has some of us lying in bed for hours just trying to decide on the perfect emoji pattern for our latest photo; now, users will have greater options for their creations, and it’s about high time we talk about it.

So tell us about it already!

Unicode Consortium is a California-based company that regulates emoji and characters for all types of different operating systems. Most recently the 918limagescompany has added an expansion that allows for color changes in skin tone to their already existing emoji, which was a pretty awesome update. According to the company’s FAQ page their goal is to release approximately 60 new characters every year; which leaves us wondering: Exactly how does one get a job being the person that sits at a table and thinks up the best emoji?

According to Yahoo Tech, there is an actual emoji committee that has compiled what they think were the best new emoji ideas, which were then passed on to members for a vote of approval. The plan is to integrate these cool new dudes in June of 2016, along with the new Unicode 9.0 update.

Get to the Good Stuff, Courtney…

There are allegedly 38 new emoji coming out in the new release; it seems to be a nice balance between emotions and all other miscellaneous so no one is left out. Personally, I’m pretty excited for a few specific ones including: Bacon, the Black Heart, the Owl, and the Pregnant Woman (Because I’m going to be an Aunt) 🙂918xjnqoiwq0dvca

The full list includes:

Owl                               Eagle

Bacon                           Fox Face

Black Heart                 Motor Scooter

Scooter                         Wilted Flower

Shark                            Avocado

Carrot                           Potato

Bat                                 Croissant

Duck                              Cucumber

Clinking Glasses          Man Dancing918images

Raised back of hand    Lying Face

Octagonal Sign            Pregnant Woman

“Call Me” Hand           Clown Face

Mother Christmas       Right-Facing Fist

Drooling Face              Face with Cowboy Hat

Man in Tuxedo            Left-Facing Fist

Nauseated Face            Selfie

Handshake                    Shrug

Face Palm                      Prince

Hand with First and Index Finger Crossed

Rolling on the Floor Laughing918new-emojis-2_zpsiw8o04n6


So what do you think of all of these new emoji options? Do you think that the committee did a good job of bringing some cool new images to your conversation? Keep in mind, this may not be the concrete list; there could be lots of changes between now and June.

What would your emoji list look like? Let us know in the comment box below! And if you want to check out our beloved emoji and their transformations over the years, visit this link! Happy emoji-ing!


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