Facebook “Thankful” Emoji for Mother’s Day

It’s undeniable that Facebook always seems to be at least one step ahead when it comes to holidays and fun events. You’ll often notice that there are new holiday frames, cool stickers and even reminders of the way you spent the same holiday a year ago (whether this is a friendly reminder for you or a painful one often depends on the holiday).

Mother’s Day Features

This Mother’s Day is no different, with Facebook embracing our serious love for our number 1’s with a few cute details and features you can enjoy for a short time while you celebrate the hard-working women in your life.

The first and most obvious feature we recognized was the little purple flower in the reaction bar, which is meant to represent being “thankful” amidst the regular “like” “haha” “wow” and other fairly bland reactions. The little purple flower was allegedly also introduced for last years’ Mother’s Day and has been brought back by the popular demand of the people.512Facebook-reaction-thankful1

Use it to show off your gratitude for the special lady in your life, or embrace it as the flower child you truly are. It might have been brought out for Mom’s day, but anyone anywhere should be able to enjoy this cute reaction for whatever they’re grateful for. (The world could always use some more gratitude!)

But that’s not all. It seems Facebook has a few more tricks up its sleeve.

Can’t get enough of that thankful little flower? Try opening up your Facebook mobile app. Instead of reacting with the thankful button and getting one, adorable little flower, your page will be showered with a bouquet’s worth of purple flowers wrapping themselves around the photos and statuses you appreciate.

Swipe Right

Looking for more? Swipe right on your news feed and you’ll be directed to Facebook’s camera option. Here you can enjoy Mother’s Day themed frames, stickers and face masks. Stay on top of your game though; these options are only available on Mother’s Day. Those who want to embrace the theme on their Instagram are also in luck, as there are already a few Mother’s Day sticker options available for both messaging and Instagram stories.512azure-hynWP8yGXPrTDDsyWSZx

Bad Memory?

Facebook isn’t about to let you forget about little mumsy. Rest easy knowing that as soon as you roll out of bed and check your news feed, Facebook will be there to remind you that today is a special day and that you better start making breakfast in bed for a special someone. With this feature, you will also have the option to send a greeting card if investing in a holy grail Hallmark card is a little too expensive for you.

It has been promised that Facebook will be continuing the trend of offering greeting cards in the future, and that we should be looking out for other holidays options for personalization. The Mother’s Day cards going live on Sunday will also be customizable, so you can throw in a few great photos of you and your favorite lady to make it more personal.512Mother'sDayDonationReminder

Best Mother’s Day Gift Idea

 Listen, there’s no sense getting dear old mom flowers if she has allergies, or “treating her to dinner” with a burnt microwave pizza. Want to get something she’ll really love? Consider donating to a great cause in her name. This feature is now live via Facebook, and you’ll have a list of options to choose from to make your gift to mom really count this year.

Want to wow mom in the kitchen this Sunday? Try making her the best brunch recipe for a Mother’s Day brunch idea. If you weren’t the favorite, you are now.

How are you spending Mother’s Day?

Photo By: http://img01.ibnlive.in/ibnlive/uploads/875x584/jpg/2016/05/Facebook-reaction-thankful1.jpg https://edge-azure.dayre.me/user-uploaded/azure-hynWP8yGXPrTDDsyWSZx.jpg https://62145c1c0b1c86e34e0e-93610d483f923fdda660f8e269e2fb3d.ssl.cf3.rackcdn.com/raise-more/facebook-and-twitter/Mother's%20Day%20Donation%20Reminder.png https://www.mobigyaan.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/facebook-messenger-mothers-day-stickers-1.jpg

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