Facing Social Media for Kids with Kudos

The topic of social media for kids is not just something to dance around until it becomes too much of a problem. In our day and age, kids are becoming exposed to the internet and social media platforms much sooner than we ever were, and it’s a whole new monster to deal with.

Between internet bullying statistics, too much screen time and the perfect solution for a noisy kid, our newest generations are going to have a heck of a time growing up with social media at the forefront. Unfortunately, not every parent feels the same way or practices the same habits, and it’s likely that you know a few youngsters who have been strutting around with phones and tablets way before it should be acceptable.

No matter your stance on the topic of social media for kids, the fact is kids today are much more aware of the power of the internet and how they can use it. Thankfully, there are some companies out there who want to help ease kids into the world of constant communication a little more carefully.

Kudos Faces Social Media for Kids 

Kudos is an app that is meant for children ages 8-13, and which offers continuous moderation and a safe way to enter the world of social media. The idea behind the app was to help teach younger generations how to be good citizens within our new digital world, and it has since received more than $5 million in funding from a range of individual investors.1020wKudos-790x385

The creator of the app, Ole Vidar Hestaas had the idea after his seven-year-old son was told he was too young to play on Instagram and Snapchat like his older siblings. When he requested that there be another alternative for younger kids, Hestaas started putting together a blueprint for his son and other kids in his age range.

Once he got started, Hestaas realized what a good idea this really was. For many kids, being a part of the uncensored world could expose them to bullying, older audiences and inappropriate content. However, the need was still there, so he began to develop a social media platform for a younger audience where they could share, comment and respond in respectable and positive ways.

Special Features of Social Media for Kids 

Kids are always encouraged to “leave a nice comment”, and can only react in positive ways to other peoples’ posts. Those who use the app with model behavior are asked to become ambassadors. The constant monitoring of activity ensures that the app remains a safe environment, and parents can be informed about the activities their children are partaking in.1020p392x696bb

The app has been useful in a few ways, including the confirmation that kids do seek out more positive and supportive ways to connect with one another.

Future Challenges

While many of the app users are happy with their experience so far, the new challenge will be to keep them interested and away from the more public sites like Instagram as they get older. The idea is to try and connect users with their role models and positive celebrities in a safe environment, and to refuse advertisements and monetization strategies that will bring in the wrong kinds of crowds.

What do you think?

Would you use this kind of app with your younger children to ease them into the world of social media? What is your stance of kids and social media? We’re loving the idea of helping kids keep communication positive and safe, but it’s up to the parents to have the last say!


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