The Fall of Logan Paul Will Make You Re-Think Your Posts

So, there’s been a whole lot of talk about a prominent YouTuber in the last couple of days, by the name of Logan Paul. If you haven’t heard of him, there’s a good chance you don’t spend a lot of time on YouTube and this is not a bad thing.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t seem to shake all of the pop-ups and links to the big story about this YouTuber, so I’m diving into it. I’m very curious what you guys think about this topic and by all means, please leave your own comments at the bottom and enlighten us all if you can.

So, Logan Paul started his own YouTube account and he found a strong following of people who appreciated his humor and daily uploads. Things seemed to be going pretty great for the guy. How do I know? Aside from seeing 15 million subscribers on his home page, the first video to launch began with Paul jumping out of his mansion into his pool, then boasting about buying the 6.5 million dollar-home at the age of 22.

Getting further into the video however, Paul talked about all of the things he’d done in 2017, and at this point I’m flabbergasted. He has his own clothing line; he’s shut down malls for meet-and-greets and he even has a number of shows and movies coming out this year. Honestly, I had no idea this individual was doing so well, but now I totally understand why his recent mistake is blowing up my laptop screen.

What Happened to Logan Paul?

Paul was recently on a trip in Japan, where he documented his visit through a forest commonly referred to as the ‘Japanese Suicide Forest’. The area is a well-known location where young Japanese men and women are said to go to take their own lives; unfortunately, one soul ended up behind the lens of Paul’s camera.

In a video that was dubbed ‘We found a dead body in the Japanese Suicide Forest’, Paul and his friends venture into the forest in an attempt to making a scary but funny documentary. During their trek into the forest however, the group come across an individual who appears to have hung themselves from a tree only recently.112x240-aaG

Paul expresses his shock at the event, and comments on how real depression is …the rest is a little scattered. The remainder of the video continues to show the body from different viewpoints, as well as the tour guide contacting authorities to retrieve the body. Paul does laugh a few times out of what seems to be pure disbelief, and later explains that his laughing and smiling isn’t a reflection of how he feels about the situation.

The video is about 15 minutes long, and ends with Paul reiterating his thoughts on suicide and depression; he even posts a few suicide hotline numbers.

YouTubers React

After a few days of being posted, the video was top trending on YouTube. Surprisingly, the platform wasn’t even the one to take the video down; Logan Paul removed it himself after backlash from fans.

Many people, including high-profile celebrities, shared their disgust with Paul’s choice to post the video at all. Paul has expressed his lack of judgment in an apology video, which has been viewed by more than 40 million offended fans.112l03xp-loganpaul-facebookJumbo

While many are still attacking Paul for his choices, others are looking to YouTube for a better explanation of why the video was up for so long without being flagged. One popular YouTuber by the name of Philip DeFranco expressed his anger at YouTube for their response which said that they ‘followed protocol’ and ‘acted accordingly’, but that wasn’t until well after the video had already been removed. It just goes to show that the platform still doesn’t really have a tight grasp on the content that’s shared, and a lot of inappropriate videos are still being uploaded right under their noses.

YouTube’s policies are often confusing, so it comes as no surprise that a mistake like Paul’s could happen to any YouTuber. But at the end of the day, who’s to blame? Logan Paul certainly should have stopped and thought about how his post would affect viewers, and yet I can’t help but agree with DeFranco that YouTube has a responsibility here as well.

With so much noise about this topic, I’m really interested in what you guys think. Paul has decided to take a break from up daily vlogs, and hopefully he’ll return with a bit of a renewed outlook that he so desperately needs. YouTube has taken further action, dropping Logan Paul from Google Preferred and putting his new originals on hold, but I seriously doubt Paul is going to let these barriers slow him down after such a successful year.

What do you think should be YouTube’s next move? And more interestingly, what do you think Logan Paul should do next? Comment below!

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