Ghostly Apparitions Your Haunted House Needs Right Now

Ghostly Apparitions Your Haunted House Needs Right Now

The ultimate haunted house is full of ghostly apparitions, creaking doors and wild zombies, but it’s not always easy to pull all of that together for your regular Halloween house party. Luckily, a new product from ATMOS Fx is making it a little bit easier to add an extra creep factor to your hallways and rooms with a product they’re calling “Ghostly Apparitions”.

These cool holograms are bringing all kinds of creepy characters to life, and you can easily set them up throughout your house for three-dimensional figures that will spook the life out of your guests!106ATX0009_5

How Does It Work?

The cool technology behind Ghostly Apparitions is simple enough to use, so you can easily set up and play your scary scenes. The best thing about this prop is that it is a no-mess product, so your clean-up is just as quick and easy.

There are a wide range of creepy characters to choose from on the ATMOS Fx website, each with their own variety of scenes, sounds and actions. Choose from characters like the Beckoning Beauty, the Ghoulish Girl, the Head of the House and Wrathful Wraith. Each has its own capabilities when it comes to where it can be projected, including television monitors, walls, windows, doorways and even as three-dimensional props.

Create custom videos from the included DVD menu, where you can easily select the order you want your characters to appear in. Watch and enjoy as guests walk past your walls and television screens only to be greeted by a screaming little ghoul or a disturbed soul with unfinished business. This is the ultimate addition to any party, since none of your guests will know where characters are creeping and ready to jump!

Use your creepy images in windows to ward away unwanted guests, or have your spirits start to crawl out of walls and floors beside unsuspecting visitors. Creepy zombies, grabbing hands and all kinds of unforgiving monsters wait in the hallways and dark corners of your home with clever placement of monitors and projection screens.106AtmosFEARfx-GhoslyAppartionsSD-3

Ghostly Apparition Add-Ons

If you’re looking for more cool ways to use technology in your haunted house this fall, ATMOS Fx has lots of other options to choose from! The power of the projections make all kinds of things possible, including full-size, three-dimensional monsters talking to guests, moving faces on your pumpkins and creepy figures lurking across windows.

Even if you’re not into the Halloween haunt, there are other options as well for the holiday season like a full-size Santa Clause! Are you planning a scary soiree for friends this Hallows Eve? Tell us about your plans for demonic decorations and scary scenes! We’d love to hear about it! And don’t forget to take some ultimate selfies while you spook with the Nokia 8 and the Selfie Mode!

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