Hippies Everywhere Rejoice at the Improved Volkswagen Bus

The reinvention of the Vokswagen bus has been in talks for years, and now it looks like the chatter is finally showing some actual hard evidence. In the not so far past, the lovers of the 70’s were enjoying the comfortable transportation of a far-out set of wheels known as the Volkswagen Campervan. Even now one of my neighbors still puts their Volkswagen bus on display in their driveway, with a bright new paint job of bright orange and crisp white.

I can’t lie, the thing looks cool. And impressively spacious. And even though I cringe when I think of my partner coming home with a giant bus as our family car, I can’t say I hate the idea of some amazing road trips in that kind of car. Luckily, we might not have to salvage the remaining buses to get the experience some of our parents had.fe511c87f06373bcc39453e41746ca8c

The Volkswagen’s Comeback

Volkswagen has released some information and photos about some new and improved bus models, and this news is getting quite a bit of attention. And for good reason! The photos show off a more futuristic design for the bus, with sleeker lines, smarter dashboards and a heck of a lot of genius storage-saving ideas.

Volkswagen has shared that it hopes to have the new Volkswagen bus line of models out by 2020, with an autonomous version even available by 2025. The name of the new bus is the “I.D Buzz”, which apparently speaks to the bus’s electric motor and not at all to the state of mind of the drivers who use to enjoy this epic car model.170108212307-volkswagen-id-buzz-concept-780x439

What Can We Look Forward to? 

If you’re all about the way she runs, then you’ll be happy to know that Volkswagen is planning to push out a few different driving options. At least two of the versions include rear-drive with a 286-horsepower engine and an all-wheel drive with a 369-horsepower engine. Apparently, it’s going to be a pretty fast set of wheels for a bus, attributing to an even better ride when you’re hitting the open road.

Based on the latest photos, the interior of the Volkswagen bus will also be a sight to see. It looks like a revamped dash will be available with assumed smart phone options, and the layout of the car can be easily adjusted and repositioned with moving chairs and spacious back rows.

To be honest, the photos make this van look like the ultimate road trip car, complete with tons of lighting, sun roof, center tables and all the makings of a community hang out. Even if the driver is feeling left out, they can easily turn their chair around and set the van to automatic. The wheel apparently disappears into the dashboard and takes over for the remainder of the ride.

This. Thing. Is. So. Cool.GettyImages-631330688

Volkswagen Coming Full Circle  

Well it looks like bell bottoms are back, so why not the Volkswagen Campervan? The new photos look super sleek, and with all of the hype around getting outdoors and living a healthier lifestyle, the guys at VW just might be onto something at the perfect time.

While not everything seems to last when it comes to technology (see my farewell to the iPod Shuffle), this impressive piece of transportation is definitely something to be excited about seeing again. (The bell bottoms, not so much).

What do you think?

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