How to Face Your Worst Fears Now

There is no denying it; we all have fears, and we often don’t even know why they exist. Sometimes we get to look them right in the eye and face them, other times we never get the chance to get over them.

Sometimes they are formed from childhood memories, other times they’re from a scary movie we’ll never forget, or a campfire story that kept us up all night at camp. Do you know what you’re most afraid of? What would you do if you came face-to-face with it?

In today’s world of technology, we’re getting closer and closer to getting the chance to find out. It’s the world of virtual reality that we can thank for that opportunity, where we can now become submersed into virtual worlds that feel almost too much like the real thing.

Growing Interest in Scary Realities

Lately, there has been a growing interest in virtual reality horror games, as one techy learned when visiting a press conference for Sony. He got to try out one of the latest samples of a game called “The Inpatient”, which takes the gamer into a creepy psychiatric hospital where they struggle with amnesia and can’t seem to keep their thoughts in line.630watch-a-horror-movie

The gamer gave the game a shot assuming it would be a bore-show, but was pleasantly surprised at the creep factor. The characters were life-like and in-your-face, the hallways were dimly-lit and the rooms were incredibly realistic. He left happy with the sample product and expressed his interest in playing the rest of the game, although he was fairly frazzled by the end.

For those gamers who get a high from horror, virtual reality is the next step in scaring your pants off. With virtual reality games that are of high-quality and sound story lines, the game gets more and more compelling and believable, and it’s easier to get immersed into the setting and story line. The thrill of it all, is that you know you’re in your home or at a gaming studio where you’re physically safe, but hundreds of gamers have shared their personal videos of their own horrified reactions while playing virtual reality horror games regardless.630maxresdefault-3-800x400

The Thrill Factor

Even playing horror games on a regular television screen can be tough if you’re alone or it’s nighttime, but being fully immersed into the streets, hospitals and end-of-world scenarios can often be too much for some people. No matter where you look, you’re surrounded by a virtual reality that horror buffs just can’t get enough of.

It’s no surprise then, that horror games for virtual reality have done significantly well in comparison to other gaming themes. Some of the latest and greatest in virtual reality horror includes Paranormal Activity VR, Syren, Resident Evil 7 VR, Here They Lie and Until Dawn: Rush of Blood.

Many of the games play homage to iconic existing films, while others have been made specifically for virtual reality. Some of the more popular choices for virtual reality horror games include twisted carnivals and clowns, zombie apocalypses, mutated humans, psychiatric wards and more.630VR-Horror

If you’ve been having a hard time getting your scare on lately, then consider strapping on a set of virtual reality goggles and investigating a horror game. There are a wide variety to choose from, and this new age of horror may be just the thing to keep you up at night.

I think this is super cool, if anyone was wondering. Although my scare factor is probably a 100 out of 100, and even a movie trailer can give me nightmares. Some of the escape games seem like they could be very compelling if well-written. I’m out for the zombies. Face your worst fears with a video game.

What do you guys think? Maybe I’ll just sit this one out and cook up some easy chicken stir-fry.

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