How to Get Up Close and Personal with the TraceMe App

Seattle Seahawks superstar Russell Wilson might be known for his serious skills on the football field, but the gifted athlete is focused on more than just raising the Vince Lombardi Trophy again. For Wilson, what pushes him to be better each season is the support he feels from the fans, and now he’s planning on giving them a front row seat for the whole season. The TraceMe app is here, and super fans are the focus.915l220px-Russell_Wilson_vs_Vikings,_November_4,_2012

TraceMe App

Well, technically speaking. Wilson has been envisioning a very specific app design for quite some time, but only now is it really starting to make waves. The app is called TraceMe, and it’s essentially a platform for super fans, who can get an incredibly personal look into the life of Wilson or any other athlete, model, actor or celebrity they follow.

At first it sounded like every other social media app. With Facebook and Instagram, celebrities can upload live videos at any time, which seems 100% immersive to me. And yet, collaborators of the TraceMe app are certain that this platform is different. So, let’s take a look.

The Idea of TraceMe

The idea behind TraceMe is to let super fans get a deeper glimpse of Wilson’s life, even after the stadium lights have shut off and the television program is over. Fans can enjoy following Russell through his practices, his mental coaching, his personal life outside of football and everything in between. The app even offers some candid interviews with some of Wilson’s biggest heroes, an extra that he’s added for fans to enjoy when they’re not standing in his garden and looking into his windows. (Can you tell I think it’s all a little much?)

TraceMe essentially creates a direct line between a super fan and an athlete, or whoever else decides to sign up for this app. Based on the way Wilson has presented the app, a few big money ballers have decided to invest in the program to see where it goes. Investors include billionaire Jeff Bezos and Alibaba co-founder Joe Tsai.915rs_704x1024-170311195830-634_Ciara-Russell-Wilson-Los-Angeles_kg_031117

Is it really any different? 

At its core, I really don’t see how this app is going to be any different or more immersive than daily live videos that celebrities control and share as often as they’d like. Do you? What does interest me however, is the idea that this app works to gain some extra control and income that would regularly be controlled by platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube.
Wilson is essentially hoping that fans will be willing to pay this app for the added level of exclusivity.915Celebritieshypey2

Would you download TraceMe?

I would love to think that I have better things to do than to follow around celebrities and athletes and give them my money to essentially live their life. However, if I’m being very realistic about the whole thing, I can imagine I would probably really enjoy checking out post-game antics and game day traditions from the personal camera of Kyrie Irving or Russell Westbrook.

However, I am certainly not paying for it. So, here’s hoping a close friend or relative downloads the app and I can get my full immersion on come playoffs.

What do you guys think of the TraceMe app? Comment below! In other app news, there’s a new selfie coming into the world and you need to know about it. Ladies and gentlemen, introducing the bothie!

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